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Fat Genes: The Reason Why You’re Still Not Losing Weight

Fat Genes: The Reason Why You’re Still Not Losing Weight

Here’s how to turn off your fat genes – and keep weight off for good

You’ve tried strict diets and countless workout programs, but your body fat seems to stick around no matter what. Your friend, on the other hand, eats whatever but seems to never gain weight. Why does this happen?


As frustrating as it may be, your weight loss struggle could be genetic. Studies show that you could be more likely to live with stubborn body fat when you’ve inherited “fat” genes from your mother, or father, or both.

An example of a “fat” gene is FTO, which stands for Fat Mass and Obesity Associated. Variations in the gene that encodes for FTO affects the amount of food you want to eat to feel satisfied, and your hunger. This explains why some people can stop after having just one cookie while some can’t seem to resist a second piece.


What’s worse than having stubborn “fat” genes? Your metabolism slows down as you age, making your weight loss endeavor even more challenging. If you’re aged between thirty-five and forty, you may have an increase in body fat, with fat rising 1 percent per year. After age forty, people tend to lose muscle and become less active, leading to a slower metabolism. Unless you’re taking specific action to counter these, losing weight will only become increasingly difficult with age.

When two people consume the same amount of calories but respond differently in terms of weight gain, it’s also usually the result of genetics and how your genes talk to your environment. Your daily eating habits, lifestyle, fitness, and even how much you strive and stress are some of the environmental factors affecting your genes and your weight loss progress.

Before you decide that you’ll never be able to lose weight due to your genes, we’re here to tell you that it’s not true and there’s hope. Here comes the good news: certain foods and lifestyle cues CAN deactivate the genes that cause us to store fat. Depending on your lifestyle cues, you have the power to control the expression of your genes.


Your daily habits of body and mind can help to improve the environment of your genes and the health of your metabolism. Address your stress, be active, consume detoxifying foods, be cautious of canned foods, these are all ways to tamp down the genes that contribute to weight gain.

Your diet is one of the keys to controlling how your body stores fat.

Try these:

1.Low-Carb Diet

Low-carb diets restrict carbs, primarily those found in sugary and processed foods, pasta, and bread. They’re high in protein, fat, and healthy vegetables. Studies show that they lead to weight loss and improve health.

A Mediterranean diet is typically high in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, beans, cereals, grains, fish, and unsaturated fats such as olive oil. It usually includes a low intake of meat and dairy foods. Research has often linked this eating pattern with good health, including a healthier heart.

2.High Fat Diet

A high-fat way of eating means that you consume most of your calories from healthy fats. Most calories come from healthy fats such as meat, fish, nuts and seeds, and various oils. A higher fat diet replaces carbs with fat as the body’s primary energy source.

That’s hard, any easier options? 


We know how hard it can be. Modern life stressors can cause damage to your DNA: poor diet, lack of exercise, and overall stress is not only harmful to your overall health but jeopardizes your weight loss efforts as well. If you’ve been struggling with your weight loss journey, try SlimWorld’s CoffeeTox fat-burning coffee and DD+ Fiber detox drink to be the boss of your genes and finally burn that excess fat.

CoffeeTox works by boosting your metabolism, suppressing your appetite, and increasing fat burn through its active ingredients. On the other hand, DD+ Fiber contains a rich blend of superfruits for an ultimate body cleanse which helps fight inflammation and keeps you in tip-top shape. Pair the two together and you’ll get the perfect fat-burning combo that overpowers your “fat” genes.


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