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What Our Client Say? Top Clients Reviews

Taste good. A good drink to have before bedtime. Finally found a drink to substitute my normal fattening hot chocolate or milk coffee. Now, I can lose weight without sacrificing cocoa and coffee drinks.

Latifah Salehoddin

Saya suka consume DD+ sebab rasanya sangat sedap seperti minum jus buahan. Saya minum setiap malam so esok pagi saya mudah buang air besar. Memang berbaloi

Nurr Siti

It helped me to get my ideal body faster than I expected. The Mega Wellness & Weight loss bundle really helped me! feel much lighter and less bloating. I recommend DD+ fiber & CocoaTox

Ashika Chan

Alhamdulillah saya dapat menurunkan berat sebanyak 4.8kg dalam masa sebulan. Badan rasa ringan, cepat berpeluh, tidak perlu berlapar, rasa kenyang dan bertenaga….sekarang berat saya mainten 54kg

Azlina Binti Musa

I started to gain weight during MCO. Even I exercise, there is no result. I feel so insecure and depressed until my friend recommended me SlimWorld 7 Days Fast Track and I lost 3KG! I love the CocoaTox very much! It tastes just like usual hot chocolate but 43 calories only!!

Sheila Hamza

I have very serious constipation problems, only have bowel movement 2-3 a week. But after I started taking DD+ fiber, within 7 days there is results already! I can go toilet everyday! 5 months in, my weight went down 8KG! I highly recommend it!

Mia James

Coffeetox by SlimWorld terbaik, rasa sedap. Saya menurunkan berat badan dalam 2 mulan, sebanyak 10.45kg. Dulu berat saya 64.45kg kini berat saya 54kg!

Nur Aina

I drink DD+ Fiber every morning and CocoaTox before sleep . The taste is amazing! It helps boost my metabolism to actually lose weight. I’m less bloated, and my energy level is at an all-time high! Definitely a must try!!

Aini Norman

Coffeetox by slimworld terbaik,rasa sedap & dpt menurunkan berat bdn dgn cepat,berat saya telah turun sebanyak 10.45kg.Dulu berat saya 64.45kg kini berat saya 54kg ..,tq slimworld


Saya adalah client Slimworld & ada buat treatment di Slimworld skrg sudah habis rwtn. So saya maintain kg minum DD+fiber. Berat sebelum 69kg now drop to 56kg. 😁

Intan Azra

CoffeeTox mmg berkesan. Saya dr 93kg skrg 85kg . Saya berusaha mau kurus lagi ke angka 60kg. Malah suami tersayang & org lain juga nampak perubahan diri saya.

Rohinah Yulo

I really trust ur DD+fiber. . seriously i pernah cuba only 5 sachet saja . But i lost 3kg . That why i nak ber DD+fiber ni before raya coming soon . 😄

Mico Mico

I enjoy drinking Coffee tox with a fragrant aroma which can stop me from feeling hunger almost half of the day. I lost about 5kg after 1 month. It can also maintain me from gaining more weight. I'm sure if I also go on strict diet surely I can reduce more kilo's. Plus DD+fiber it can also detox the next day. I felt really light & fresh after that. Thank you to Slimworld for helping me to get back the ideal weight.

Kan Boi Liu

In 2017, I was having back pain & headaches problem. I started to take medication I used to eat a lot of fast foods & doesn't have enough time to exercise as I'm a working mom with 3 kids. My weight is like a roller coaster, up & down but not consistent until I met SlimWorld. The slimming treatment I had in SlimWorld had shown a successful result. So amazing! Even my family also saw my changes!

Nirmala Othman

Best sgt CoffeeTox ni. Saya suka sebab ia x manis sgt, x cepat lapar. DD+fiber juga sis suka minum setiap mlm. so pagi2 confirm dah boleh membuang buat perut selesa & cpt kempis. Ia x delah cirit-birit mcm product lain. Yg ni mmg berbeza & terbaik. Part paling best seluar jeans sis pakai dah longgar. So mmg happy giler & rasa bersemangat nk terus continue consume CoffeeTox & DD+fiber ni.

Kan Boi Liu
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