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DD Plus

A fruit explosion to cleanse and detox your body

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If you are searching for the best slimming centre in malaysia, you are at the right place.

Since 2002, Slim World Malaysia slimming centre has been leading the local weight loss industry with its premium quality, tasty, and healthy organic products such as slimming coffees and fiber drinks. Our aim is simple, to improve the health of the entire nation.

Our well-researched and tested ways are great for people to shed weight without resorting to weight-loss pills, intricate diets, or painful surgeries. And we always try to refine our products to make them even better than before. Our natural drinks provide a simple way for people to lose weight within the flow of their busy lifestyles.

We are not just a slimming centre, we are more than that. And once you will trust us, you will reap the benefits of our great products.

SlimWorld Products
  • Carbs Blocker
  • Block Fat & Burn Fats
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Detox
  • Muscle Toning
  • Anti Aging


SlimWorld doesn’t just help you lose weight easily. Our tasty drinks are infused with so many other great benefits.

Rejuvenate your skin and roll back the years with SlimWorld’s simple programmes

Convert your food to energy much more efficiently, burning those unwanted fats. 

Feel great after eating! With a healthier gut, you will feel amazing after every meal. 

Watch that extra weight disappear with minimal effort and maximum results.

Flush out those toxins left by everyday living and refuel with SlimWorld goodness. 

Be ready to face whatever comes your way, with renewed energy from morning until night.  


Transform without diet, workout. Just sit and drink coffee

  • Day 1
    Day 1
    Discover how easily CoffeeTox fits into your life with a simple cup in the morning, replacing your regular cup of coffee.
  • Day 7
    Day 7
    Your desire for snacking has disappeared and it's already showing on your waistline. Now it's much easier to get up and start your day.
  • Day 14
    Day 14
    Your energy levels have boosted like never before, your insides feel amazing, your outside looks slimmer, and skin more glowing.
  • Day 30
    Day 30
    It's a new You. With a super-simple CoffeeTox routine, you have lost those unwanted KGs, and now you can move everywhere with freedom.
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Tailor our Weight Loss Package to suit your needs

No matter how much you want to lose, SlimWorld has a package that will suit you and if you fancy something different, our specialists can mix and match and build the best package to suit your lifestyle.  


  • Drink and slim

What our clients say

Best sgt CoffeeTox ni . Saya suka sebab ia x manis sgt, x cepat lapar . DD+fiber juga sis suka minum setiap mlm . so pagi2 confirm dah boleh membuang buat perut selesa & cpt kempis . Ia x delah cirit-birit mcm product lain . Yg ni mmg berbeza & terbaik . Part paling best seluar jeans sis pakai dah longgar . So mmg happy giler & rasa bersemangat nk terus continue consume CoffeeTox & DD+fiber ni .


Saya adalah client Slimworld & ada buat treatment di Slimworld skrg sudah habis rwtn . So saya maintain kg minum DD+fiber . Berat sebelum 69kg now drop to 56kg . 😁

Intan Azra

CoffeeTox mmg berkesan . Saya dr 93kg skrg 85kg . Saya berusaha mau kurus lagi ke angka 60kg . Malah suami tersayang & org lain juga nampak perubahan diri saya .

Rohinah Yulo

I enjoy drinking Coffee tox with a fragrant aroma which can stop me from feeling hunger almost half of the day. I lost about 5kg after 1 month. It can also maintain me from gaining more weight. I'm sure if I also go on strict diet surely I can reduce more kilo's. Plus DD+fiber it can also detox the next day. I felt really light & fresh after that. Thank you to Slimworld for helping me to get back the ideal weight.

Kan Boi Liu

In 2017, I was having back pain & headaches problem. I started to take medication I used to eat a lot of fast foods & doesn't have enough time to exercise as I'm a working mom with 3 kids. My weight is like a roller coaster, up & down but not consistent until I met SlimWorld. The slimming treatment I had in SlimWorld had shown a successful result. So amazing! Even my family also saw my changes!

Nirmala Othman
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