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Just one delicious cup of coffee in the morning, burns fat and fills you full of energy and health. It sounds impossible, but it is not. Welcome to the CoffeeTox revolution!

1 Pack contains 15 sachets

Package includes:

  • 4 Packs of CoffeeTox
  • FREE 14 sachets of CoffeeTox (TOTAL WORTH RM443)
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CoffeeTox is the easiest way to lose weight. Simply replacing your morning coffee with a cup of CoffeeTox will change your life in so many ways.  You can eat as much as you like and CoffeeTox will help the weight disappear, rather than heaping it on. It burns fat and suppresses appetite, so you will quickly see that extra weight starts to disappear. Your energy will get a boost from the Guarana, your blood sugar will drop, your digestion will improve, and all this combines to give your confidence and mood a massive boost.  

With only a tiny change to your morning routine, CoffeeTox will start to work its wonders in a matter of days, leaving you feeling revitalized, positive and ready to face the day. 

How to consume

For the best result, mix one sachet of CoffeeTox with 150 ml to 200 ml of warm water,30 minutes before breakfast. Drink more water for optimal results. One day can drink 1 to 3 sachets.


    1. Carb blockers
    2. Fat Block & Burner
    3. Appetite Suppressant
    4. Metabolism Boost
    5. Reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels
    6. Revitalize Energy & Mood
    7. Detox Naturally & Safely
    8. Boost energy
    9. Lower blood sugar level naturally
    10. Gut cell growth
    11. Improve digestion naturally
    12. Relief constipation
    13. Obesity and diabetes can consume
    14. Muscle building and toning 
    15. Lower Blood Pressure
    16. Water retention

Additional information

Weight N/A

Non-diary Creamer, Fructose, Instant Arabica Coffee Powder, Oligosaccharides, Green Tea Powder, Green Coffee Powder, Apple Fiber, L-Carnitine, Konjac Powder


4x Packs Coffeetox (Free 14 sachets), 4x Packs Coffeetox (Free 14 sachets) + RM 10 (Extra 10 scahets Coffeetox), 4x Packs Coffeetox (Free 14 sachets) + RM 10 (Extra 10 scahets DDPlus)

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