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SlimWorld Best Match Gift Set

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This set includes:

2 packs of SlimWorld CoffeeTox

1 pack of SlimWorld DD Fiber

FREE additional 10 sachets of SlimWorld DD Fiber

1 pack of SlimWorld CocoaTox

1 Slimming Thigh Cream 

1 Slimming Tummy Cream 

1 Purple Shaker 

1 Gift Box 

The Best Match Gift set includes all of SlimWorld Best Sellers! It is an ideal bundle to gift friends and family who are searching for premium slimming and detox drinks. 

SlimWorld believes that making a positive lifestyle change does not need to be time-consuming, or require you to put in a big effort. This set will definitely make the slimming journey more enjoyable and effortless! 

Drinking SlimWorld products 3 times a day is all it takes for results to start showing! You may lose 3-5KG!*

*Result may varies depend on body digestive system.

SlimWorld DD+ Fiber |15g/sachet | 56 calories
SlimWorld DD+ Fiber is formulated with a combination of 9 vegetable and fruits extracts to help detox our body toxins and replenish daily intake of essential nutrients with minimal fuss. This product also helps to reduce water retention, promote better digestion, improve skin conditions, improve gut health and boost immunity.

SlimWorld CoffeeTox | 20g/sachet | 22 calories
SlimWorld CoffeeTox is a premixed coffee drink with a unique coffee blend and aroma. It contains low caffeine, no sugar, best proven fat burning ingredients, and superfood ingredients to help you slim down and improve wellness.

SlimWorld CocoaTox | 20g/sachet |43 calories
SlimWorld CocoaTox is a premixed cocoa drink. SlimWorld CocoaTox is made with pure cocoa which doesn’t contain sugar or preservatives. SlimWorld CocoaTox is also formulated with other premium active ingredients which promote weight loss and improve wellness. SlimWorld CocoaTox is rich in cocoa flavours and incredibly smooth.

Slimming Thigh Cream

Get thighs so toned, every path you walk feels like a runway of your own! SlimWorld Slimming Thigh Cream is what you need if you're in the market for body care products that work wonders. Carefully crafted with natural active ingredients, SlimWorld Slimming Thigh Cream works effectively to burn excessive fat, tighten skin and reduce water retention as well as bloating in your thigh area. The formulation of intensively hydrating and skin brightening ingredients also ensure that your skin is deeply moisturized.

Slimming Tummy Cream

Body care is not to be neglected! Get your abdominal area looking toned and slimmer, and the skin silky smooth with SlimWorld Slimming Tummy Cream! Specially formulated with natural active ingredients and essential oils, experience its fat-burning, skin-tightening, and richly hydrating effects, giving your tummy a more toned appearance with regular use.


  1. Accelerate fat burning
  2. Relief constipation symptoms
  3. Low calories
  4. Slim down
  5. Detox body toxins
  6. Improve digestion
  7. Sugar blocker and carb blocker
  8. Boost immunity and metabolism
  9. Help to control appetite
  10. Help to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, & triglyceride levels
  11. Reduce water retention
  12. Improve skin complexion
  13. Increase vitamin & fiber intake
  14. Improve sleep quality
  15. Help to reduce stress

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