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Slim your way to a 5Kg loss in only six weeks with a programme that works with the natural rhythms of your body and fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

1 Pack contains 15 sachet

Product Includes:
-6 boxes CoffeeTox
-3 boxes DD+ Fiber
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Losing 5KG seems like a lot of effort or a massive change in the way you live your life, but nothing could be further from the truth. This SlimWorld weight loss programme will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, with only two healthy, delicious drinks before breakfast and one in the afternoon, the only thing you will notice is the results. 

Warm, rich CoffeeTox replaces your morning and afternoon coffees, while the fruit explosion of DD+ is a refreshing fruit punch that will refresh and revitalize you. Not only will these help you lose those unwanted extra KGs, but you will find your energy levels boosted, your digestion improved and your skin clearer and more hydrated. In the background, these intelligent SlimWorld drinks are working to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels and help prevent diabetes, heart disease, and bowel cancer. 

So much positivity in such a small change.  Start your SlimWorld programme today!

How to consume: 

2 sachets CoffeeTox per day before breakfast and Dinner / Teatime

1 sachet DD+ empty stomach

Best Result (Optional)

May choose intermittent time to eat 

9am -5pm, 10am-6pm, 11am-7pm 

Eating time only 8hrs 


Wake up – 300 to 500ml warm water 

9am- Drink DD+ follow by CoffeeTox 

can immediately eat breakfast 

12 or 1pm – lunch 

3pm – if hungry can drink CoffeeTox

5pm – Dinner 

(after 5pm no food is allowed except water )


💥 Fat Burner 

💥 Weight Control

💥 Carb blockers

💥 Detoxification

💥 Flatten tummy

💥 Appetite Suppressant

💥 Metabolism Boost

💥 Body toning

💥 Anti aging

💥 Enhanced Energy

💥 Skin Hydration

💥 Contain Vitamin K, A, C

💥 Reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels

💥 Loss belly fat

💥 Improve your vision

💥 Skin cleansing

Additional information

CoffeeTox Ingredients

Non-diary Creamer, Fructose, Instant Arabica Coffee Powder, Oligosaccharides, Green Tea Powder, Green Coffee Powder, Apple Fiber, L-Carnitine, Konjac Powder

DD+ Fiber Ingredients

botanical beverage mix of spinach & passion fruits, mixed vegetables, juice powder (spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, pineapple, green apples, pear, kiwi, passion fruits and lemon).

7 reviews for 5kg Program ( Total 9 Packs)

  1. Anastasia

    This is my second package . Sblm ni i try 28day program, so far i get my lost weight almost 5kg from 70 to 65kg . Now i target lg 10kg . My goal is 55 before next year . Wish me luck! thanks Slimworld .

  2. Vitamin



    The coffee taste GREAT and the DD Plus taste COOL serve with ice

  3. Marianne

    this package really worth it. can save bucks some to my pocket. and your CoffeeTox & DD+ really good helper for me to slimdowm, for 1 month i lost 4 kg . i keep drinking to maintain my weight. thanks a lot Slimworld. <3 < 3 <3

  4. Noorish

    The coffeetox is so good. It helps to blocked the carbohydrate and burn fats. For DD plus it really detox out whatever we eat and my weight start go down after a few days. I lost 6kg in 6weeks..Yeah must try!!

  5. nadia nordin

    Worth for money and the result absolutely awesome. I will recomend to my family and friend.

    Thanks for the free give

  6. Diana AJ

    saya dah minum . terus repeat lg . dari berat 60kg turun ke 55kg dlm 1bulan lebih .

  7. Didy

    Coffeetox & DD+ mmg sedap . saya dah minum . terus repeat lg . dari berat 60kg turun ke 55kg dlm 1bulan lebih .

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