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Lose 2-3kg in just 7 days!  With SlimWorld’s Fast Track Programme,  just three SlimWorld drinks per day help that extra weight melt away!

1 Pack contains 15 sachets

Package Includes:
-1 box CoffeeTox/CocoaTox
-1 box DD+ Fiber



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Sometimes we just need to slim down quickly to fit into that dress for a wedding, or you crave that perfect beach body for the weekend, but surely it is impossible to do this in a short space of time?  With the SlimWorld 7-Day Fast Track pack, you can shed those extra KGs and have the body of your dreams without any painful surgery or complicated diets that leave you feeling faint and hungry.  

Two delicious drinks in the morning and one in the afternoon are all you will need to make your short term weight loss dreams come true.  Our slimming drinks are only filled with natural goodness, no nasty chemicals, so you can be confident that you will look good and feel good on the SlimWorld 7 Day programme.

How to consume: 

2 sachets of CoffeeTox/CocoaTox per day before Breakfast & Dinner

1 sachet of DD+ empty stomach

Best Result (Optional)

May choose intermittent time to eat 


9am -5pm, 10am-6pm, 11am-7pm 

Eating time only 8hrs 

Wake up – 300 to 500ml warm water 

9 am- Drink DD+ follow by CoffeeTox /CocoaTox

Can immediately eat breakfast 

12 or 1pm – lunch 

3 pm – CoffeeTox /CocoaTox

5 pm – Dinner 

(after 5 pm no food is allowed except water )


💥 Fat Burner 

💥 Weight Control

💥 Carb blockers

💥 Detoxification

💥 Flatten tummy

💥 Appetite Suppressant

💥 Metabolism Boost

💥 Body toning

💥 Anti aging

💥 Enhanced Energy

💥 Skin Hydration

💥 Contain Vitamin K, A, C

💥 Reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels

💥 Loss belly fat

💥 Improve your vision

💥 Skin cleansing

Additional information

CoffeeTox Ingredients

Non-diary Creamer, Fructose, Instant Arabica Coffee Powder, Oligosaccharides, Green Tea Powder, Green Coffee Powder, Apple Fiber, L-Carnitine, Konjac Powder

DD+ Fiber Ingredients

botanical beverage mix of spinach & passion fruits, mixed vegetables, juice powder (spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, pineapple, green apples, pear, kiwi, passion fruits and lemon).

CocoaTox Ingredients

Non-Dairy Creamer, Cocoa Powder, Skim Milk, Spinach Powder, Green Tea Extract, Guar Guam, Oats Fiber, Apple Fiber, Banana Powder, Inulin & Garcinia Cambogia.


CoffeeTox + DD+ Fiber (Free 7 sachets CoffeeTox), CocoaTox + DD+ Fiber (Free 7 sachets CocoaTox)

31 reviews for 7 Days Fast Track (FREE 7 sachets)

  1. Siew lin

    Tq kerana mengesyorkan coffeetox ini,hanya minum saja berat turun dgn cepat,rasa coffee pun sedap

  2. Jijah

    Coffeetox terbaik

  3. Alyn

    Saya dah berjaya menurunkan masalah berat bdn dgn cepat,tq kerana telah memperkenalkan coffeetox yg hebat❤️

  4. Jaja

    Masalah sembelit dah hilang dan berat makin turun hanya dgn minum setiap hari,coffeetox terbaik

  5. Nat

    Hanya dengan minum sahaja dpt menurunkan berat bdn dgn cepat tanpa berdiet

  6. Areen

    Coffeetox the best,rasa sedap & menyihatkan kerana dpt menurunkan berat bdn

  7. Fateen

    Saya suka coffeetox kerana rasanya yg sgt sedap dan dpt menurunkan berat bdn saya tanpa berdiet

  8. Jila

    Coffee yg mempunyai byk kebaikan yg dpt menyingkirkan toksid & kolestrol dlm bdn serta dpt menguruskan bdn dgn sihat

  9. Nur

    Tanpa diet,saya masih boleh menikmati makanan yg sedap hanya dgn minum coffeetox

  10. Kas

    Coffeetox yg sangat sedap& menyihatkan

  11. Fateen

    Rasa coffee yg sedap & mengenyangkan, saya telah jatuh cinta dgn coffeetoxDD

  12. Jaja

    Terima kasih kepada kwn yg telah mengesyorkan coffeetox yg sedap & dpt menyihatkan bdn

  13. Areen

    Coffee yg berkesan utk menurunkan berat bdn tanpa menyekat makanan, dan saya telah berjaya hilang 2 kg dlm masa 7 hari

  14. Nur

    Rasa coffee yg sedap dr yg biasa

  15. Jaja

    Dgn consume coffeetox setiap hari saya dpt menurunkan berat bdn dgn cepat tanpa berlapar,rasa yg sedap dan saya X risau lg,

  16. Nur fateen

    Coffeetox yg sedap& dpt membuang toksid dlm bdn dgn cepat, yessss saya dah berjaya mengatasi masalah berat bdn

  17. Kasiem

    Saya dah berjaya menurunkan berat bdn hampir 2kg dlm masa 7 hari,tq coffeetoxDD

  18. Kasiah

    CoffeetoxDD yg sedap & dpt menurunkan berat bdn tanpa berlapar

  19. ruffi

    Fast, good and effective! Love the coffee taste

  20. H.Wanny

    Saya nk share sebab saya dapat positif effect selepas 7 day consumed . So terus jadi excited. . hehe . Mula2 berat 71.8kg. . lepas seminggu trylah timbang 67kg! wow . jaga makan on off je . cuma byk minum air kosong . mmg recommend kt kwn2 & family . Tq Slimworld

  21. Elly elly

    Amazing . Saya dah xsembelit . Biasanya saya susah nk membuang . 3 hr sekali br buang air besar . Dgn combo set dari Slimworld ne buat saya happy jer .. rasa leper sikit perut . Best sgt!! recommend and repeat lg .

  22. nikki18lady

    saya ambil coffee tox + low fat milk mmg sedap . tulah pengganti breakfast saya sebab minum coffee ni mmg xrsa lapar . then waktu mlm saya minum DD pula esok pagi smooth je membuang . berbaloi . terbaik! tq slimworld

  23. eisya nor

    cepat response . packaging cantik . barang cepat sampai . rasa pun mmg sedap .

  24. eisya nor

    Good info . Good taste . boleh recommend kt fmly & bff saya . fast response .

  25. Nor

    Good info . Good taste . boleh recommend kt fmly & kawan2 lain . fast response .

  26. eisya nor

    Good info . Good taste . boleh recommend kt fmly & kawan2 lain . tq slimworld!

  27. sofy

    saya paling suka coffeetox . mmg berbeza dari coffee yg pernah saya minum . DD+ rasa mcm jus buah . kedua2 terbaik!

  28. Laila81

    saya dah cuba mcm2 produk sblm ni . tp xde hasil . berat badan tetap sama . Saya berpuas hati dgn produk dari Slimworld malah dpt turun berat dlm masa seminggu je . Kini berat saya capai 50kg . sblm ni 57kg .

  29. Jennifer

    Best combination ever! Coffee Tox in the morning and DD Plus in the evening

  30. Jennifer Lee

    I tried many brands of slimming coffee without good results until my sister recommended this Coffeetox & DD fiber..She slimdown 3kg in one week so I just followed. I’m so happy I lost about 5kg . I’m still taking it to maintain my weight management. Good to try …

  31. juwita11

    Saya dah cuba mmg sedap . xmenghampakan . saya dah lost weight 3kg .

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