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Professional Advice

We have trained therapist, consultants and also nutritionist to guide clients to a personalized and effective program. Come for a visit, relax and unwind with our comprehensive of healthy and beauty programs. You will be surprised that staying slim, fit and beautiful is not difficult to achieve at SlimWorld. 

Post Natal Program

Post-Nata program consists of DTM treatment to treat cellulite. Hot mask treatment is to lighten stretch marks and at the same time it will restore the elasticity of the skin. GTS treatment (Garlic Treatment System) using garlic cream is to drain water, wind and also breaks down fat.

CRF - Cavitation Radio Frequency

Cavitation stimulates blood circulation and the radio frequency penetrates deep into the third layer of the skin to break fatty tissues. This painless and non invasive treatment helps shape up the body and smoothen skin texture on the face. It can also help to lighten stretch marks. The CRF treatment also helps men to achieve a toned tummy. This treatment can be carried out on various problem areas such as the upper arms, thighs and tummy. You will see the difference after just one session.

Slimming Program

We proudly present a treatment that is named BCS Program, which is using the latest technology to burn localized fats. This treatment gives immediate inch loss result and also keeps in shape by the toning program. One treatment is equivalent to 360 sit–ups & knee bands in just 20 minutes. This treatment is applicable for full body or spot reduction.