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While weight loss might be the obvious benefit of joining our program, it is not the only way that SlimWorld’s extraordinary products help your physical body and mental health. Every SlimWorld drink is packed with benefits.

Product Ingredients

CoffeeTox ingredients: Non-diary Creamer, Fructose, Instant Arabica Coffee Powder, Oligosaccharides, Green Tea Powder, Green Coffee Powder, Apple Fiber, L-Carnitine, Konjac Powder

DD+fiber ingredients: botanical beverage mix of spinach &passion fruits, mixed vegetables, juice powder (spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, pineapple, green apples, pear, kiwi, passion fruits and lemon).




Building a routine into your life incorporating our SlimWorld range not only helps the weight melt away, but it also helps you look younger and feel better. Having added weight is stressful! Not only mentally, but carrying around those extra KGs puts stresses on your bones and muscles, making your body look years older than it actually is. With weight loss, comes more flexibility, range of movement and when you look in the mirror and see the dream you staring back, it takes years off.  


This is why most people come to us, to lose those few extra KGs. We have been working for 20 years and continue to strive to perfect healthy weight loss products that fit into your lifestyle and really deliver results.

Weight loss can dramatically change your life and we are dedicated to helping you get there.


Your metabolism is how you convert food into energy and this is how a major part of our weight loss programmes work. 

Metabolism differs from person to person, but SlimWorld products help you improve and stabilise your metabolism, so the food you eat is converted more efficiently into energy and not staying in your body as fats.  


Our products are crammed full of goodness, so on top of losing weight, you are also putting a whole load of positivity into your body, helping to flush out the toxins left by everyday living. Cleaning out the impurities in your blood and liver and refuelling you with goodness is what we are all about.


With Slimworld’s healthy drinks, gone is the bloated, heavy feeling after eating. Our products help aid digestion, so your food converts easier and doesn’t stick around inside your body, causing you to feel weak and light-headed. 

CoffeeTox and DD+ both break down nutrients from your food and drink into tiny pieces and absorbing them to help you feel more energetic, aid healing and give you the strength you need to win big every day.  


One of the big bonuses of CoffeeTox and DD+ is additional energy. Improved digestion, better metabolism, and carrying less weight all increase the amount of energy you have to expend. You will feel bright, vibrant, and alert and ready for anything that your day throws at you. 

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