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Slimworld has one aim, to improve the health of the nation. Since 2002, SlimWorld has researched and tested ways to help people shed weight, without resorting to weight-loss pills, intricate diets, or painful surgery. We consistently refine our products to get the highest quality, tastiest drinks that provide a simple way for people to lose weight within the flow of their busy lifestyles.  

SlimWorld has built a network of centers throughout Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak to ensure that while you are on this journey to a healthier you, we are always close at hand to support you.

Our amazing weight loss programs have helped thousands of men and women regain self-confidence and rediscover themselves through weight loss. Celebrities like Ziana Zain, Amy Mastura, and Azizah Ariffin have all used SlimWorld to regain their slim figures after childbirth or just to tone up for those gala nights out.

Carrying extra weight is a burden, not only physically, but mentally too. At SlimWorld we thrive on helping people get rid of that extra weight, throw off the burdens that come with it, and live their best life.  

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